Acropolis English Centre is a leading provider of English Language Programmes in many schools and at our own centre on Waterloo Street. Our courses aim to boost a student’s confidence and competence in the English language.

Acropolis has been conducting a wide range of English language courses for over ten years. We have worked with more than 60 schools and other educational institutions throughout the years, building fruitful partnerships with educators and school officials along the way.

Our list of courses encompasses most areas of language learning and related areas, from drama to writing compositions. Participants in our courses will not only perform better in their school and national examinations and tests but also obtain language, thinking and social skills that will stay with them for life.

All of our course syllabi are specially designed with careful attention to the latest English syllabus as well as current research in language teaching. All our course materials are original, copyrighted works belonging solely to Acropolis English Centre.