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Holiday and Term-Time English Language Courses, Workshops, Camps and Contact Time Programmes available. Please call for details.


The course trains pupils in proper speech, highlighting the use of voice and its relation to performing drama. The course also develops a child’s drama skills through activities in mime, movement and improvisation, among other things. The course adheres to a hands-on approach through practical activities that break the monotony of classroom and textbook learning.

The Mighty Pen is a course in narrative composition writing that aims to give students a better ability to formulate clear concepts and ideas needed to complete a good story.  In this course, specific writing techniques will be imparted to the students, enabling them to produce original, coherent and creative pieces of writing. 

The Oral Communication Course aims to highlight the value of effective communication in formal and informal situations. Pupils will gain relevant practical knowledge and experience in reading aloud, elaborating on a given idea, making presentations and engaging in interesting conversations. The course aims to build and develop practical techniques and strategies to help pupils improve their speaking skills, build self-esteem and enhance confidence.

The Drama in the Classroom (DITC) Programme incorporates a series of dynamic dramatic activities that involves students in imaginary, unscripted, and spontaneous scenes framed by curricular topics, selected objectives and themes, and students’ personal experiences. The programme uses conventions in process drama where activities attempt to abolish the difference between author, spectator, actor and character. The application of process drama conventions is based on specific themes (culled from a pre-text) and how they relate to the lives of the students involved.


The Directors’ Clinic gives participants an understanding of the skills required to stage school productions. The curriculum is designed to develop the skills and knowledge of the participants in the multi-faceted discipline of theatre arts. The clinic will provide students instruction in the techniques of stagecraft and acting, including all aspects of pre-production and production. It would imbue participants with the skills they need to stage a dramatic production.


Enter the Chorus introduces pupils to the highly enjoyable art form of Choral Speaking. The course trains participants in the clear and euphonious expression of both dramatic and humorous choral pieces. Through the recitation of choral pieces, pupils will develop not only their speech skills but also their ability to express non-verbal language by employing gestures and movement when expressing the ideas and emotions contained in a choral piece.

The Capture, Cut, Convey Course introduces young learners to clear and simple methods to make their own videos and multi-media projects which have inter-disciplinary learning possibilities. They will learn words and concepts associated with video production as well as have hands-on experience in making video projects of their own, experiencing the entire journey of a project from conceptualization to completion.

The Arts Camp is an activity and fun-filled camp in which participants will engage in activities from the following major activity groups:  drama, creative writing, poetry, arts & craft, and video & television. The large range of activities would introduce participants to the arts and demonstrate how the arts offer activities that are both mentally and physically challenging. These highly motivating games and activities aim to provide learning experiences that reinforce specific language skills.


The Film and Song Appreciation Course engages pupils in fun-filled activities involving the watching and analysing of films and their accompanying music soundtrack. The course teaches the basic elements of film and immerses participants in visual language, which they need in order to talk articulately about films.

The Storytelling Course encourages students to express themselves and communicate in an articulate and lucid manner. The course will build a participant’s storytelling skills so that through language, he/she can build a magical world of fanciful plots, strange landscapes and wonderful costumes, all of which are as limitless as the imagination would allow.

The Creative Writing course aims to develop a child’s creative thinking process and help channel this thinking into fluent writing. The course takes a less rigid and formal approach than a composition writing course in that the main objective is for the pupil to record his or her own observations and thoughts and to elaborate on such thoughts to create fun and engaging stories.

The Reading and Phonics course enables participants to read independently and acquire reading techniques and skills in a friendly environment that emphasizes reading as an active, not passive, activity. Pupils will be guided to develop a basic sight vocabulary as well as an increased familiarity with the sound system (phonology) and the different sounds (phonetics) of the English language.